What's Biting in Venezuela.

Offshore El Placer Bank – 12 to 15 miles out to the “North or West Drop”.
June through October is our Blue Marlin season; 12-14 days before the full moon, to 2-6 days after, are the best times of the lunar cycle to fish. Although some very good action can occur 5-8 days after the full moon leading up to the new moon. Early in the season there will be fewer bites (one to three) but big fish (400# +) as you move through the summer months the bite picks up, the fish size drops. By October moon we could see 8-15 bites (or more) a day with 250# fish. So when’s best? That depends on your target - bigger fish are early, August is a good mix but busy with tournaments. Otherwise September and October are good because most of the local boats leave do not fish that often. What about the weather? Early January and Febuary can be breezy, but remember that Venezuela is outside the Hurricane belt and the weather is almost perfect every day all year around!

November through March is our best time for wahoo, we will also catch yellowfin tuna, sailfish, barracuda, jacks, blackfin tuna and some dolphin (mahi-mahi). You name it we might catch it this time of the year!

April and May is our dolphin season. When the run starts it can be fast and furious with our schools of dolphin running 20-50 pounds. Along with these schools we can get a good white marlin showing, and in good years a strong early blue marlin bite. The spring can be awesome! Every species has a season, but we have caught all of these fish in every month of the year, including blue marlin. Even in January we will always pull at least 2 billfish baits in the spread.

We will always be fishing for the most prevalent species for the time of year. we want you to hook a fish!

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